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Modeling - Texturing - Lighting - Look Dev - Comp


Art by

Lighting Artist / 3D Generalist
Rookies 2022 Excellence Award
Rookies 2022 Draft Selection
Rookies 2022 Finalist - ON Animation

Astral Observatory

"Wondering about the mysteries of the universe, he spent the whole night studying, and before he realized it was morning again..."

Palia House

A scenic cottage in the mountains, and home to Lily. For her whole life, she's been hoping that Richard would notice her... Has the time finally come?

Adventure Boys

The raft drifted closer to the sandy beach...Only now did Billy and Tommy notice the remains of past travelers strewn across the sand. The boys knew that what they had to do wasn't going to be easy. Gripping his makeshift oar tightly, Billy thought to himself, "If it was easy, then it wouldn't be much of an adventure, now would it?"

Circus of Spectacle

Bright lights, loud music, and the smell of popcorn are in the air. You venture forward into a wondrous place, where your curiosity is met with the roaring music and laughter from a bustling crowd.


"In this world, magic and daily life depend on ambrosia, a mystical form of honey. Buildings are painted in rich blues and turquoises, the typical dwelling hang spices and birdseed at their doors with lamps powered by ambrosia. Translucent windows made of Eadi's wax will glow faintly, humming with magic."

Crystal Canyon

It sat there, lifeless. A guardian of the land from a past age. I was told that it once drew power from the energized crystals throughout the land, using wires that it was hooked up to long ago. It currently sits inactive and dilapidated, waiting to be utilized again.

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